Arduino test with robot arm

Today was a big day, I finally got the new Arduino, unfortunatly it isn’t the Uno that I ordered but the Mega. Well it means I can put even more servos in the beast!So after waiting such a long time, now time for testing, because I had serious doubts about the strength of the servos […]

Building progress of the Left Arm

Going to the next step Building progress of the Left Arm. Here the left hand is attached to the arm. Hitec Lenk Servo HS 805BB FG appeared to be a little bigger than I expected, so I had to remodel the brackets. Here you can see that “leftrobpart4” had to be modified for the hinge […]

Inmoov robot hand

Building progress of the left hand. The main reason I’m building the left hand is because I sold away the right hand to DesktopFab. (I won’t sell again, too much work, not enough time) And now, if I want to keep on fooling around with a robot, I have to rebuild the whole thing. It […]