I finally updated all fingers hinges to make it much easier for assembly. If you have an acurate printer there shouldn’t be anymore filling nor drilling. Although I have a quality reputated printer, holes shrink a little because of the overhang. I tried of making snap in parts like suggested Easton Lachapelle, but with the […]

I have uploaded on Thingiverse “robcap3V1” and “leftrobcap3V1” for to close the elbow of the forarm. This part is necessary if you plan to go on with the project of the complete arm. It also gives a finishing touch to the forarm… Here you see it attached to the forarm, with the “elbowshaft1” glued on […]

I have uploaded on thingiverse the new brackets for the servos in the forarm. Here are the instructions for to adapt them inside. These let you decide wether you want to add a fifth servo allowing animation of all the fingers or if you rather keep the Arduino Uno inside the forarm. I would advise […]

Rotational wrist printed for robot

I have uploaded the parts for the rotational wrist on thingiverse. This is a nice little extra feature.see:http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:25149  I also have modified the servo brackets  in order to have five movable fingers.This means the Arduino is going to be set on the arm instead of inside the forarm. This modification also makes it much more […]

Nice day today, InMoov right hand has been featured on Thingiverse! I wanted since a while to transform the wrist of the hand because of a lack of DOF. For to do that, I had to dismantle the whole hand…(again)  I decided last night to give it a go. Worked something in Blender after creating […]