Bicep for your Robot

This is it!Today is the releasing day of the bicep, and the beginning of the shoulder.Gee, since the last post I had again to redesign SO many parts it is unbelievable. First the shoulder isn’t going to be like I thought because I encountered some direction problems, it didn’t look human anymore… It was freaky! the […]

Inmoov robot shoulder

Well, it’s been a while since I haven’t been able to print something. Holidays… I had been reviewing the concept of the shoulder. Not that my first system didn’t work, but I wanted to get really more DOF. Sometimes I’m amazed of how many parts  I have to design and redesign under Blender before to […]

Inmoov by B.Stott

I have been in contact with someone since a while now, and I can tell you that person is really working on InMoov’s hands. In fact, some suggestions came from him, for exemple the new brackets and the rotational bicep. Have a look at all his pictures, he did a great job. I am so […]