Stand Holder for Torso

This thing was made for my previous torso and someone on the forum requested it for download.Unfortunatly the torso has been redesigned since then. So tonight I pulled myself on the front of the screen, launched Blender and modeled this new part.Never tried it though, so use it carefully.It’s the green part on the picture, handy […]

Torso for InMoov on Cubehero

Hi all,The torso parts, which allows you to make the junction between the two shoulders and the neck, are uploaded on Cubehero for the moment.I’m trying to see how that works.Of course for now the site doesn’t look as fancy, compared to Thingiverse, and has some problems to be solved. I can’t remove a part […]

Shoulder InMoov for New Year, 3d print it!

Happy New Year to all of you crazy robot fan and builders!I have a little present for you ready to download. You should be abble to build the shoulder with succes if you follow the tutorial I am going to post in the Assembly Help tab. I know some of you have been waiting, but […]