Neck for InMoov

You can now download the neck with the mechanism that makes the head tilt and pan. Get it on Cubehero. Okay, I guess this is going to be like this. The head contains many parts, so I divised in different sections. Neck Skull Ear Jaw Eyes There is a part of the skull that is […]

InMoov gets surprised!

When I said to my wife, Grog (MyRobotLab) and I have decided it was time to start teaching InMoov, and for that matter I should be looking for colorful objects, she started to become sneaky. Everytime I was coming in our room she was hidding stuff, or it seemed so. Tonight the mystery was revealed! […]

InMoov makes the front cover.

A few months ago I was asked by an American set designer, if I would let them use InMoov hand for to make the front cover of The Atlantic magazine. Attribution is to be expected inside the magazine. Behing abroad, I have not the chance to buy it for to check it out. Looking at […]

Eye Mechanism

Funny how a little mechanism like this can be difficult to create. It is mainly due to the space where it all has to fit.Although I used small XGD-11HMB servos, they still appear big in there. I had done a first mechanism, but every part were just too fragile and flexible. So okay, I decided to review […]

Printing parts

Like I said on the forum two weeks ago, after the request of builders without printers, I contacted a Printing service which I work with sometimes, I knew their prices would be high… So, I finally got prices from them. The news isn’t so great.Prices are too high to my taste. Way too high.You might […]

InMoov Vision Tracking

Last night I made a test after Grog from MyrobotLab has been improving the service tracking for InMoov.It works pretty well out of the box, I am always amazed how Grog can do those modifications. The movements are rather smooth. If I move the object too fast, InMoov loses the track, so there is a […]