Easter head!

It’s Easter and the bells brought you something cool! Okay, it took me a while to release my robot’s face, but understand me it isn’t easy to just give away. You guys better be very gentle with him because I will have eyes and ears every where.   So parts are available on Thingiverse and […]

Simpler Servo Bed

Well, I got bad news for those who bought the HK15298 servos for the forarms. It seems these digital servos have a restricted rotation from 0 to 90° which doesn’t let the fingers do their complet movement. There is search going on at the moment to see if we could reprogram them to get a […]

Jaw Mechanism

Jaw mechanism is uploaded on Thingiverse. I have done the complete step by step for the assembly of the neck and jaw. This should get you going. Check the “Assembly help” tab. There might be some stuff to modify but it works in my InMoov robot like this for now, and I’m not going to […]