New wiring design for the hand

I have modified quite a few things on the hand, and so I had to print it all over again with a new forarm. What is very different, is the lining which is much, much more easy than before. By the way, I created a new tuto with pictures of the forarm and hand assembly. You […]

Some tutos…

How many times was I asked about the connections I made from the servos to the Arduino… I decided to upload once and for all the way I did it, even if it is not very conventional. You will find the instructions in the Assembly/Other Tutorials tab under: Creating the connectors   Of course if […]

InMoov at the Paris 3D PrintShow.

I‘m going to post this as is, I’m running out of time and there is too much things going on. If I don’t keep up I feel like I will be submerged. So, this post is not really arranged but at least it’s posted. Funny how french people made me talk! In Roma, I barely […]