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    Well, hello to anyone and everyone who is already involved. I love robot tech and 3D printing tech. I can’t wait to get started on my very own INMOOV. I got my first printer about a week ago, having a few issues connecting with my Windows 10. I hope to have this resolved over the weekend. I’ll be using a JGaurora A5. Hopefully it’s a good enough…[Read more]

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    I have been printing out the neck parts but the Piston parts are not fitting together. I have tried several different brand of filament (PLA) and different layers 0.2 and 0.3mm. The screw part (neckpistonside V1) does not fit into the part (neckpiston V2) Neither do the neck front piston parts. It is too tight of a fit.
    Any helpful…[Read more]

    • you can get a dremel and some 600 grit maybe 400 grit sanding set. The screw can be honed down to fit correctly. This will give you better operation later. Our team has had to fit everything by hand because of the tight fit.

      • My first screw parts were an extremely tight fit. I put it in a vice and used a wrench to wind it in and out, eventually it got better. After that I printed everything with .15 layers and all is so much better. No problem with any of the pieces fitting since.

    • Usually, I print gears and lead screw scaled down 97.5%, and this fit with minor sanding.

    • just sand it and it will work

  • martoys posted an update 1 month ago

    just started the project …..printing the left hand and forarm

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  • Luke Sky posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    Ciao a tutti.
    In realtà non ho dovuto modificare quasi nulla.
    La scelta di fare il robot in scala 0.57% e stata condizionata dal fatto che sia data perfettamente ai servi che già avevo in casa (EMAX ES 08 MA) 12 gr.e quindi tutto.il.resto.verrà fato in questa scala.
    Se durante la realizzazione dovrò fare modifiche importanti le.renderò pubbliche .

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    Ecco la prima parte di Inmoov 0.57

  • Salve a tutti, ho da poco scoperto INMOOV e ho deciso di iniziare la costruzione del mio nuovo amico robot :)
    Avrò sicuramente bisogno del vostro aiuto :)

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    Salve a tutti.
    Ho realizzato la mano e avambraccio scala 1 .
    Volevo fare Inmoov completo ma il costo è la grandezza sono veramente importanti.
    Quindi dopo qualche ripensamento e di calcoli ho deciso di fare il robot completo ma in scala 0.57%.
    Questa scala consente di usare per la mano i servi da 9 grammi.
    E per il bicipite (con qualche)…[Read more]

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    I have been slowly getting ARLI together. I agree with a lot of others, the arm/hand is one of the more time consuming tasks. I have been slowed by delays in getting servos and electronics, but on the up side I have most of the parts printed for the main body and arms.
    Since the legs are available, I have decided it is time to work on a pole…[Read more]

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    Cool Project happy to be a part of it

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    Right arm is completed and nearly assembled, chest insides are assembled and we are setting up the arm servos again (we missed a portion of the steps somehow and had to back up a bit.
    We have 95% of the parts printed but unfortunately, we had one team member drop out of school leaving us with only two people to complete this project in 3 weeks!…[Read more]

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    Just a tip. WHen you have any plastic parts rubbing against any other plastic parts such as the gears, use silicone grese to lubricate them as this is best for plastic. However keep silicone grease away fom anything which is to be painted as it\’s veru difficult to clean off and paints don\’t go over it

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    My build is coming along well.
    However I can\’t find a cover for the Kineticxbox position as I don\’t have an xbox.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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    Hello, What would be the general consensus on the attached idea? I’m in no way condemning the arduino, although with multiple units being deployed for Inmoov, I wonder if something like this would be desirable?

    Projected completion date for VariCap Semiconductor protype October of 2018. Projected completion date for VRamp Semiconductor…[Read more]

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    Southern Utah University has been working on constructing an InMoov robot this semester. Part of the project at SUU is to design and build a stand for the robot. Attached is the presentation poster for the design of the stand.

  • Just wanted to share my experience of vision on InMoov. Some time ago I subscribed to a kickstarter with a camera called JeVois. They received their funding and sent me one of their cameras. I think that this camera is a game changer for vision on InMoov.
    From their website :-
    JeVois = video sensor + quad-core CPU + USB video + serial port, all…[Read more]

  • so i am new here in the Community but i was always in contact with kyle campbell, he helped me alot without him i won’t be apply to build it.
    so my inmoov is different in the controller i didn’t see any one doing it before here. so what i am using is VR to control it not just watching the camera, also moving and every thing with VR.
    so any one…[Read more]

  • the robot in the Surgery room :D

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