Are you building InMoov and want to share some info with us? Leonardo Triassi has made a map on which you can locate InMoov builders.



If you are a InMoov builder join the map:

1) Go on this link
2) Click on Open a Map
3) Select “InMoov Builder” and then select
4) Search your location and add it
5) Add informations about your level and printer
Or watch this video tuto:

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    • Profile photo of Gael Langevin

      Hi Paulo,
      Do you maybe know how to use Blender? I’m doing all my design with that software and I create the parts in free form sculptural way. Unfortunatly they aren’t CAD files and I don’t have time and money to learn Rhino.
      I sure would love some help about Blender.

  1. Profile photo of Wayne Kinne

    Hi Gael, this is an amazing thing you are doing! Thank you very much. Please add me to the map, when I try there is no map to choose. I live in Beaverton, Michigan 48612. I have just started, I am printing right hand pieces as I type this. I purchased a MakerGear M2 last Friday and love it, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found your site, thanks again.

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