For your InMoov you will need the Kinect XBox 360 because it supports the OpenNI.
The Xtion is also suppose to work, but I haven’t tested it.
The XBox One doesn’t work because Microsoft stopped to support OpenNI.
I am currently trying to also use the Orbec Astra, but I haven’t got succes yet…
If you want your robot to be autonomous, here is a tutorial to set a battery pack for your Kinect:
Link to Microsoft drivers:
Make sure you have the Java 7 or 8(not higher!) that suits your PC. 32 bit or 64bit

To configure your Kinect:

1 -Install the recommended drivers by Microsoft for your system.
2- Install MyRobotLab if you haven’t already done it.
3- In the MyRobotLab directory edit and map all the servo and set the Arduino configuration
  • InMoov/config/skeleton_leftArm.config.default
  • InMoov/config/skeleton_rightArm.config.default
  • InMoov/config/service_6_Arduino.config.default
4- Also set your main config to full
  • InMoov/config/_InMoov.config.default

5- Edit the config file InMoov/config/service_E_OpenNI.config.default

  • Set it to True

6- Save and double click the START_INMOOV.bat

7- Place yourself at a distance of 3 meters facing the robot, on a even and clear background, say to your robot the voice command:


8- To stop it, say:


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    • Hello, yes normally it is working.
      The main difficulty is to apply the kinect red skeleton on yourself. If the red skeleton doesn’t show on the depth kinect window, it means it is not active.
      The kinect driver compatibility with OPENNI has been a giving a lot of difficulty to MyRobotLab developpers.
      The new release of NIXIE MRL will help to solve the remaining issues.

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