Beware that these parts will certainly be obsolete and temporary once the legs are done.  I post them anyway because many builders asked for them. There is pictures missing in this tutorial, I lost them with a hard drive…

Download STL from the Gallery

Before printing all the parts you should print the CALIBRATOR, to check if your parts will fit together. If you have a very hard time putting those parts together, you need to review your printer calibration settings.

An infill of 30%, wall thickness 2.5mm, best with no raft, no support(unless specified), use a brim for big parts to avoid warping.

You will need to print all these parts:

  • 1x TStoLowLeft
  • 1x TStoLowRight

These parts are for to set InMoov on a standing pole:

  • 1x StomSupportRight
  • 1x StomSupportLeft

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