• We got even further on the robot arm project. We built a wooden base, painted it, attached the robot arm, and now we've finally begun the meat of the arm project: modeling and movement!So far, we have one degree of freedom being modeled to a pretty accurate sense! You can see the arm following dans arm pretty nicely, which we honestly did not expect; the results are really good.Looking forward to having full arm modeling done soon! Hopefully this arm can actually do things :p!

    Publiée par Connor McLaine Pope sur Jeudi 28 janvier 2016

    We have successfully controlled the InMoov Robot Arm after taping a single Accel/Gyro IMU onto Daniels upper shoulder (IMU: http://www.ebay.com/itm/191698446532). This was the first time we tested it and we were very surprised at how well it tracked the movement,…[Read more]

    • Very good! Nice little video, I like the excitement about your project. It is very promising.
      Alessandro has done a lot of test with IMU sensors with his InMoov through MyRobotLab. You could check his various codes on Github.

  • We finally got the Robot Hand and Glove Controller working fully! ^_^! Super happy about this.It works pretty well too, and we already have loads of ideas to make it even better.

    Publiée par Connor McLaine Pope sur Mercredi 2 décembre 2015

    Controlling the InMoov Hand with a sensor glove. We used 4.5″ resistive strips in a voltage divider network connected to a dedicated 10-bit ADC that sends data to a Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi packages the data and sends it via Wi-Fi to a second Raspberry Pi that turns the 10-bit values…[Read more]

    • Very cool!! Thanks for posting the link!
      50 feet of range is pretty interesting for many purposes!
      I am very glad the project has been a fun and interesting experience.
      I will be happy to see your progress on the bicep and shoulder!