• oldfarmhand posted an update 5 years ago

    This is Kim looking at her new head this is a combination of monnerby head and bhouston eyes I like the jaw and neck movement of monnerby’s design and the eye movement of bhouston’s design, Thanks to both of them for sharing their files and of course thanks to Gael for all of his help and vision .(note the logo on left shoulder)

    • Very nice picture, oldfarmhand. It would be really great if you could post a video showing the difference in movement between the nominal and monnerby heads. Barring that, how would describe the difference?

      • more room in the head due to smaller servos, smoother eye movement,smoother mouth movement, more room to put speakers and microphones, less parts in the neck due to no gears, overall just a lot more room to add other items

    • Hi Kenneth. Really nice to see that you spent the time to reprint the head,and that you like the result.

    • Hello InMoov Kim!!
      very nice looking prints!