• D Scott Baily posted an update 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Anyone with ideas of the best tablet to use? Would like a larger one as I don’t see as good as I use to. Also my hp laptop works great but bought a nuvision tablet that I still have not gotten to work correctly! Your thoughts would be helpful. Just finished mid stomach and now starting hands. Arms mostly finished.

    • Actually I have no idea,,, but any answer would be good at this stage,,,, —
      I guess using or finding a Pad/Tablet that works would be hard to do cos you’re at mercy of the manufactures,,, Maybe the Pad idea will disappear or be replaced as the Tech with PI and stuff gets better– ,, The Guys over at MRL might be able to give ya a better answer to where things are heading–,,

      • Hello there is a list of Tablet in the Hardware and BOM page:


        I suggest taking the strongest you can find for the cheapest. Seems like a super wise advice.
        Tablet is handy because it’s a all in one device, OS, screen, keybord touch screen, sound, wifi, bluetooth etc… But it is not the most powerfull methode regarding processors and video card.
        Currently the Lenovo tablet still does fine for what InMoov Service in MyRobotLab requires.