• Ali Nasseif posted an update 4 years, 3 months ago

    My name is Ali from Iraq
    Me and my team are planning to bring inMoov to Iraq, and in order to perform that , we need to write a proposal and a budget plane.
    We need some help regarding the financial part of the proposal, so how much approximately inMoov costs?
    and we will be thankful if you help us.

    • i would say around 2000-3000$ and its could be more
      i used more than 10KG of PLA one is about 90$ so just the PLA from Saudi Arabia its about 900-1350$ because its more than 10KG
      for the servo i think it was around 1000$ i am not sure exactly this price was with fast shipping
      some other screw and tools you need if you don’t have it so put 1000$ more for any other stuff (Electronics, cables , cameras, wires , etc…)

    • but you need to cheek every thing because i am not sure how much exactly