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    Before I start to build the head, I’m looking for someone here in the community who gave the face a female emotion.
    I appreciate your answers 🙂

    • i believe since females then results from programming, female voice and breastplate changes

      • Hi bastelgarage,
        can we talk in German ?
        Was hast du am Kopf verändert ? Nur etwas pink ist mir zu wenig weiblich. Ich denke da eher an eine bestimmte Augenbraunform und eine andere Lippenkontur.
        If you do not understand my German reply, please let me know.

        • Hallo Robbi
          Da ich auch noch neu hier bin, habe ich am Kopf noch keine änderungen gemacht. Ich werde den InMoov zuerst ganz normal zusammenbauen und mir dann wenn ich die einzelheiten kenne Spezialteile bauen. Ich kenne mich sonst komme ich nie an mein Ziel, wenn ich schon am Anfang zeit für Abänderungen investiere. Ich denke mal ich werde Br…[Read more]

          • English:
            Hi Robbi
            Since I’m new here, I haven’t made any changes to my head. I will assemble the InMoov first as usual and then when I know the details I will build special parts. Otherwise I never get to my destination if I invest time for changes right from the beginning. I think I’ll make breasts and a thong. (Then nobody looks at the eyes…[Read more]

    • Hab grad das noch gefunden:
      schau dir unten die Bilder an, ist was du suchst.
      mfg Alf

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    I burn for the new informations 🙂

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  • Robbi posted an update 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hi Sebastien,
    well, I was allready in contact to Teemu about this matter.
    I want to print out the head of the robot.
    Do you have a link for me where I get the CAD-data to do this ?
    And has this robot or this project a name ?

  • I had some sound issues with a realtek onboard soundcard. When starting speaking, there was some clicking buzzing noise. The solution was to disable power saving for the audio device. Just in case anyone encounters some issues with sound.

  • I was thinking, what are you guys doing with your inmoov? Tell me, what you use inmoov for.

    I for myself use inmoov as a trade bot at the moment. He tells and shows the state of trades. It is using backtrader as a trading lib to get the events from. Inmoov is doing gestures, notifications in neopixel and speaking.

    • trying to add autonomy to my robot in small steps. adding a cart base for it and using kinect, infrared sensors, ground observation for odometry, aruco marker detection, obstacle avoidance and strategies to find the aruco marker and having the bot move in front of it of its own.

  • Daniel Schindler posted an update 1 year ago

    Hi, i am from Germany near Stuttgart. I started with the robot in 2015 and I worked on it when i had some free time. After about 2 years i finally finished my inmoov. I posted some pictures of the current result in my album. It was a really fun project and the result is great. Thanks to Gael for his wonderful work.

  • Daniel Schindler posted an update 1 year ago

    And his back

  • Daniel Schindler posted an update 1 year ago

    My InMoov called Robert

  • Daniel Schindler posted an update 1 year ago

    Custom neopixel ring with 10 leds

  • Daniel Schindler posted an update 1 year ago

    InMoov running with LattePanda

    • What spec Latte Panda are you running?
      I waiting for my Latte Panda Alpha to arrive, not due until May.

      • I am running mrl on LattePanda 4G/64G. It’s a bit laggy when starting up but runs fine when using it. I also use their touchpanel 7”.

  • Happy New Year Everyone!!
    Have a great time and enjoy your family, friends and robots!!

  • Hello InMoov builders!
    Here is a view of the knee actuation. This is done via MyRobotLab with the DIY Servo service.
    More to come with the Ankle and Thigh actuation.

  • Hello everyone,
    I started the tutorial for the legs assembly:

    Legs Non Motorized

    I still need to finish it but I already published it because I see some of you already have started to print them.
    Have fun building!!

    • Thank you Gael for your work. I’m waiting for the end of your tutorial to start printing.
      our Inmoov are going to be beautiful.

  • Get your printers warmed UP!! The legs I had created a long time ago for InMoov are ready to download.

    These are the version for standing, not motorized. Beware that some parts exceed the 12x12x12 standard. The reason is that I was not going to upload these parts but time to create the motorised legs is taking much longer because I barely have…[Read more]

  • Hello everyone,
    I have added a docking feature for the Lenovo 8″ Tablet. This helps to prevent to damage the fragile USB port on the tablet and of the OTG cable.



  • Hello everyone!
    Lately I haven\’t been communicating a lot on our community page…
    The reason is my free time is just becoming SOOOO little that I try to keep up with the necessary.
    So please keep communicating, and if ever I can, I will try to catch up with all your great posts!!

    Best regards to all the InMoov Builders!

    • Hello Geal:
      I’m a college student from China –Shanghai Jiaotong University(SJTU), perhaps you are not familiar with it ,but it is one of the most famous university in China. And at present, we have a team working on the InMoov project .
      Firstly I want to express my gratitude for your generosity about the design, and to be honest, each of the…[Read more]

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