• Bob posted an update 6 years, 10 months ago

    Successful test of inMOOV hand using EZRobot controller board. >

    • Nice! Do you plan to make the whole robot?

    • Hi Gael, Yes I do plan on printing the whole robot. Up until now, I have been using our public library’s 3D printer and decided to purchase my own. I did not want to spend the high cost of a MakerBot 2X Replicator which is what the library has. I have found a printer based on MakerBot called PowerSpec 3D Pro with dual extruders that handles ABS and PLA and just purchased it. I have not had a chance to set it up as of yet…purchased it while on business.
      I can’t wait to get moving on it. This PowerSpec cost 1/4 of what the MakerBot would have cost me. I just hope the quality of the prints are the same.
      Thanks for the kind words!