• BIGIARINI Vincent posted an update 1 year ago

    Un jour tu marcheras !


    • This is so cool. But probably needs feet. No seriously, really cool.

      • Well done Vincent!
        Did you finally use my original Blender files or have you been using the STL?
        It seems you used the STL after all.

        • Hi Gael ! I tried… A lot ! but I failed… It’s too hard for me ! So I came back to STL files. Did you recieved my message ?

          Here is the last update :

          • Yes I received your message.
            Very nice closer shots. Last time we saw each other, you said the encoders weren’t fully placed but only set for the look, did you have the time to set them on these closer shots? It looks like they are integrated now.

    • @bretzel59, What do you need help with exactly?