• So again, If you get an email from inmoov.fr/members/maryjose/ please be aware it is FAKE and a SCAM!!!Cannot state it enough. Delete the message, block the user and report it here. Already got some people coming over to myrobotlab to instantly warn us.

  • Just to give a heads up to the community, today i recieved an email from marie-josephine, and it was a money scam. with a sad story about cancer and how i could get money. Please if you get any of those emails through private message, delete them, and put the username on here so further action against those nigerian scammers can be taken. Thanks Wilco

  • Working on making pdf’s to download and check the files you already printed.
    Going to make them the same as in the build yours category. This example is from the bicep.
    Others will follow in a short while.

  • Hi,
    Is there someone that has installed Gael\’s updated neck mechanismen that would be so kind and make a short video of it tilting and turning its head, would be very nice to see how it looks \”live\” 🙂

  • Morten Enholm posted an update 10 months ago

    For anyone using a Jetson TX2 or any other Arm8 aarch64 board, i have uploaded a fix (new jssc-2.8.0.jar) so we can actually connect with our usb / serial ports to MyRobotLab 🙂

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