• akash dixit posted an update 8 months ago

    @bretzel59 i am making bisep so HS-805BB This servo is so costly can i use any cheap servo alternate of this if yes then please provide me the link of that

    • Nope,,,, HS-805BB are the cheapest out there for their size,,, prices are all over the place with servos-,, have a look at quite a few web-shops before buying- you should be paying around $35usd for them- but check out the “postage cost” before buying ,,,

    • Try these ones, they are the same as the HS-805’s but only $27 USD.


      • Cool,,, I’ll get a couple of them for testing,,, at that price i can fry/destroy them without worrying about it,,,, going to use these in the end (see link) ,, providing i don’t find a problem with them- there a Australian clone of the Savox ,,,, but beefed up,,, not down,,,, bit pricey ,,, but the torque is good, and got the 7.2v option too…[Read more]

    • for the large servos I strongly recommend using heat-up fuses so it stops the current before burning up the servo. I anyway had expected that these servos would come with overload protection but the manufacturers seem to like them burning out …