• John posted an update 2 months, 1 week ago

    Does anyone have any instructions on mounting the Hall Sensors and magnets in the fingers and thumb? Also does the current .stl support the sensor and magnet, or is there new .stl I can download?
    Thanks for anyones help.

    • Hi there
      as I understood it
      Gael designed a new hand for the hallsensors, but it has not yet been uploaded to the website for download. I have the same problem that I cannot process the hall sensors. I do not know whether the current fingertips can be used for the hall sensors.
      greetings norbert

      • John replied 2 months ago

        Hi Gael…
        Would you be able to send me the STL’s for the new fingers using the hallsensors and some instructions on how and where to install the sensor and magnet?

    • I too await instructions on this as hall sensors need 3 wires (+/- and sensor pins)