• Alex posted an update 4 years ago

    New bumper

    • Nice work, Alex! Could it walk?

    • Alex replied 4 years ago

      Until only bend and rotate. Пока только сгибаются и вращаются.

    • amby replied 4 years ago

      hello alex nice your legs? have you do a blog with your pictures or video thank you amby

    • Simon replied 4 years ago

      Very nice! Where did you get the lower stomach and legs?

    • Alex replied 4 years ago

      I painted…

    • Hello Alex! Really nice you Legs! Slowly the InMoov become a complete Body. Do you think in the future you will have STL Files from your Legs?

      And this Screen? Is this the “Under Test Touchscreen” or you invent this. What is the screen for?

      Big Greetinxx from Boris from BERLIN

    • I am interested in the chest piece with the 7 inch screen. I have would like to do something very similar. Can you tell me where you found the STL or if you designed it?

    • Alex replied 4 years ago

      It is my design. I can draw bumper for you, if i will be know size of your tablet in millimeters. I use screen for demonstration of photo and video.

    • Simon replied 4 years ago

      Hi Alex, would you mind sharing the lower Stomach/Hips? does the Hip bend forward? This would be great for what I am setting up for inmoov to travel. Thank you.