• David posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    Prior to joining this site, I printed a complete right hand from PLA as a sort of prototype for experimentation. I used 1.75mm filament for finger joints and super glue for finger pieces. The parts were all printed at .2mm resolution with the recommended printer settings.

    Taking what I learned from that prototype, I have recently started on the left hand. It is being printed in white ABS for all parts except the bolts, braces,and bolt clip, which are black ABS, and the covers, which will be printed in orange PET. The resolution for this print is .1mm, and I used different settings for infill, depending on the part. I also added texture to the top and bottom surfaces.

    For connecting the finger pieces, I will use acetone to bond them and black metric screws (M3), of various lengths, with washers in between, for the joints. In my experimentation, I like the movement feel using the screws vice filament. At some point, I’d like to switch to the modified fingers using flexible connectors. I will use black 200 lb fishing line for the “tendons,” but I am still researching which servos I want to use. Worth noting, I decided to line the inside channels where the fishing lines go with short lengths of heat shrink material to provide a smoother contact surface for the fishing line, as that is all that I have. Hopefully ambient heat doesn’t cause it to shrink.

    Pictures will (hopefully) be posted once I get a spare second or two.

    P.S. I also have most of a prototype head complete, just missing top skull and face.

    • Well, PETG is out. After using it for the hand cover, I cannot get it to stick for the life of me for the finger covers. I’ve tried the default layout, upside, standing, and sideways, all with and without supports, rafts, etc. I only chose it over ABS because that’s what I had in orange. Looks like I’ll be ordering orange ABS.