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    Got them printed while using raft feature…

  • What’s the best way to print the sidehear files? Setting and such, every time I attempt the two triangular supports fail?

  • Good Morning everyone.
    I am currently printing the head and face assemblies. I have just begun this long and daunting process, but hey, I enjoy it.
    My question: I have printed the eyeglass v4 as well as the lower face and am now ready to print the lower jaw assembly. Which files will work with one another? There are jaw hinge v1 and v3, will…[Read more]

    • JawhingeV1 and JawhingeV3 are two different parts you need both of them… You will need both jaw piston v1 and jaw support v1 as well… Go look at the parts library all the parts are shown in 3d… It will help you visualize what you need to print…