• Hans-Jörg posted an update 4 years, 1 month ago

    Hello @ all InMoov Fan´s,

    I made a redisign/upgrade for the Stronger Shoulder from gestalt73.
    – I changed the Servoholder from the PivMit for the stronger 7,4V Servo Savöx SV-0236MG (40Kg)
    – 2 Ball Bearings ( Size 61709 ) for the PivGearV5 and 1 Ball Bearing ( Size 689 ) for the PivWorm are inside the Wormgear now.

    I couldn´t test ist at this time, because my Torso/Arm´s are not complete yet, but I think it is a powerfull upgrade that results in a safe for Batteriepower and more Power for the Arms.
    More Pictures follows next time.

    Regards Hansi

    • Nice work Boris… I would love to see the finished gearbox when you get it all together…

    • Great improvement for long term usage! Thanks for posting, I will add it to the InMoov derivatives collection if you share it on Thingiverse! Remember to use the same licence, CC-by-NC.

    • Yes, I will share it on Thinggiverse, but I have to modify some other parts too.
      I´ve modifyed the PivCenter the RotCenter and the RotTilt because I had Trouble to assemble all parts with the strong PivCommector.