• JP posted an update 6 years, 10 months ago

    Hai all.

    I am making the robot for the entrance of the company where i work.
    Maybe you’ve heard about a derivative on the bicep to use a stepper motor.
    Well it’s not mine but i do believe in the idea to use a stepper motor.
    With this i think we can improve the strength of the arm.

    For some time I have played with these stepper motors. (Machine making)

    The thing is you can get a Nema 17 steppermotor for around 12 euros.
    And you’ll need a stepper driver which is around 11 euros on ebay.
    So the price is still the same at least for me.

    An advantage of a stepper is that when the weight on the arm gets too much it just misses some steps.
    And with a servo you might break a gear or even burn the motor.
    the stepper will draw a lot of current which will overheat the stepper driver but that happens after some time.
    and it’s an easy fix to cool the driver with a fan.

    with a servo you know the position of the servo horn but a stepper does not, especially when you lose a step or two.
    for that i want to use a potmeter just like a servo does.

    ok it sounds complicated but i will show this in time if it works OR NOT.

    for now I am working on the derivatif to use this stepper motor efficiently and strong.

    Let me hear what you think.