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    so far so good

  • Some pictures of my modifications.

    • Great mod, i thinking about changing all servos for stepper motors but not sure about control, thru myrobotlab

      • Interesting. Curious if those stepper motors have the torque needed. Also they are quite heavy. Does it make sense to use them?

      • You could always make your own stepper driver win an Arduino Nano that is controlled with a PWM signal and add a pot for position feed back

  • Hi all. I\’ve just finished printing the left arm of my Inmoov in PETG, I\’ve found this material to be much better and stronger to print with than ABS or PLA. I\’ve also replaced the bicep servo with a stepper motor which greatly reduces weight and cost. Eventually, i intend to replace all servos and motors with shape memory alloy.

  • Hi Gael

    Thank you for letting me join your fantastic project. I have a PhD in synthetic nanotechnology from Imperial College and spent many years working in the Bioelectronics Group at Glasgow University. Hope i can contribute something valuable.