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    Did you follow the installations instructions for mrl properly, because the Start_Inmoov.bat would be in the c:mrl folder as would the mrl files and not where your fault message is pointing. I suggest you delete and start again following exactly the instructions on the mrl site like this

    Setup software

    Download JAVA 8 -…[Read more]

  • Just a tip. WHen you have any plastic parts rubbing against any other plastic parts such as the gears, use silicone grese to lubricate them as this is best for plastic. However keep silicone grease away fom anything which is to be painted as it’s veru difficult to clean off and paints don’t go over it

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    you can download 2 versions of an stl file for the MRL logo here
    let me know if you want them a different size or thickness

  • Just started this amazing project. All respect to Gael for sharing this. It represents hundreds of hours of work.
    I started with the InMoov servo boards but i have reservations about supplying the servo power via these boards as the pcb track is only rated at about 10 amps. Gael talks about using power supplies greater than 30 amp. I think I will…[Read more]