• Hi,
    I am offering another video to watch, in which we present the Asimov.InMoov project and our team (only in Slovak).

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  • Hi,
    I did not give any information on how the InMoov project in Slovakia is going (my mistake), but I am happy to announce that InMoov in Slovakia is built and revitalized.
    It’s called Asimov.InMoov Slovakia and my students and I have completed the recovery these days.
    We also implement a chassis with mecanum wheels and stepper motors. The camera,…[Read more]

  • Hello,
    I’m a teacher and I’ve been working with my students for months on building InMoov. We have a lot of printed parts and we started to assemble hands, head and neck. At starter finger we learn to work with mrl. I will soon give you more details and more photos. We are very pleased to work on this project.
    I am grateful that Gael has made this…[Read more]