1 Spool of Material

We printed 2 Right Hands, 1 Left Hand, 1 full RH forearm, 1/2 a LH forearm and both wrists and internals before we ran out of Ivory colored filament.
We used our fresh case of red filament for our "Mark 2" (we're building multiple copies of the inMoov robot). What you see here is what an entire spool can print before it runs out. This is basically all pieces from one hand (no servo pieces or internals).
It is quite expensive seeing how one spool is about $200CAN. The uPrint Plus is one of the most expensive printers around ($26,000), but it supposedly uses stronger material and it has more automation I am told.

I keep thinking we should just sell the printer and buy a couple replicators. I'm not sure how this high school managed to acquire such a machine, but we're definitely going to put it to full use this year!