• Darren Wright posted an update 4 years, 1 month ago

    the PivWormV2.stl doesn’t turn 360 degrees in the shoulder, anyone else printed this part and have it working?

    • You have to do some sanding and filing. FYI other parts may also need some sanding and filing as well in order to fit and/or work properly.

    • Try to sand using sandpaper all the gears to make them smooth enough to run free each other.

      • Hi Darren,
        At this week end MakerFaire Lille, we got the shoulder parts printed at our neighboor’s printer. No filling required to assemble and to rotate the parts.
        By default the shoulder can only rotate 180 degrees, that is because of the limitation of the servo potentiometer.
        That being said the PivWormV2.stl should be able to turn 360 degrees as you ask.
        Some prints can exceed a bit in size, therefore you might need to sand it to get it working properly.