• Netcab posted an update 7 months, 4 weeks ago

    Hi Gael. Your project is incredible. I started by the software. Install and run the program and works very well the answers and deep learning of the program AB. The problem is when you step into Spanish. There is no longer works well. Forget your name and my name. Gives you bad time and is not going to sleep. Nor searching the internet. What can i do?

    • Hello,
      The Spanish version is not very developed because there isn’t much help from the community. We would need to get help to improve the AIML files.

      • Hello Gael, Thank you for your prompt response. I would love to participate and improve the code. I have no experience in programming of AIML but i have some expirience in Python and Java. I would be grateful for any guide that I can you give to collaborate in the improvement of the version of the bot in Spanish. I’ll be bothering you when I start with the integration of electronics and the rest of the inmoov. Other question; how many nervoboards there are in total? They are all on sale in the shop? Greetings

        • Hello,
          The AIML programming is not so complicated to learn but it can be tricky because it communicates between files. Sometimes it takes time to find to which file some code refers to.
          Basic of AIML is on internet with this for exemple:
          There is a small free software which can help you build your AIML (I don’t use that, I usually just edit the files in SublimeText3)
          And at last you can find the Spanish brain of InMoov in this directory: