• Ashley posted an update 1 month ago

    Hello ! I’m trying to build two inmoov arms and I’m just starting to look at the electronics. I have taken a few years of programming (java and C++) and I’m wondering why myrobotlab is being used instead of the arduino IDE exclusively, besides voice control. Can somebody explain the purpose of each program?

    • Hi Ashley,

      Welcome to the InMoovers :)

      MRL is (in my eye’s) much stronger/faster then Arduino IDE/Boards itself.
      It’s running at a faster system then a single Aduino board, so there are much more options possible.
      And the InMoov is a default Robot in MRL which is cool and more easy for beginners.
      There are some Python script made by other InMoovers, which are nice to use and learn MRL:


      If you only like to use two arms, I’m sure you can run this easy with a Arduino.
      I don’t now what your plan is, I now that Gaël also has two arms running with only one Arduino Nano, to run a random program with all the fingers and the wrist.

      Sometimes I’m using only a Arduino to run some mechanical tests.
      So I don’t need to run this with my Macbook all the time, or can use it during a demo.


      • juerg replied 1 month ago

        having arduinos only will have very limited capabilities of controlling the whole robot. think of optical object recognition, speech recognition and voice output or simply look at all the services MRL is providing