• Few more question today…
    1) What is the PIR used for?
    2) Do you buy NeoPixels in strips, singularly, or what?

    • Hi Marcia, the PIR to identify if someone is in front of your InMoov, but PIRs canhave different ranges up to 12 meters, depends on your choice if use.
      Same with Kinect or Orbbec Astra (I think I will go with an Orbbec product)
      On NeoPixel it is the ring but be careful on what size to get.
      Good luck

  • Another question, are you taking the CAMs out of there external containers and mounting them in the eye parts? Do you use one or two? Thanks again!

    • Hi Marcia, yes I found instructions on the web of how to remove the casing. Everyone appears to do something different. I am thinking two either 1 regular + 1 infra red or 1 telephoto and 1 wide angle

  • Hi again,
    May I inquire about the finger sensors? What are they? They do not seem to appear on the BOM. where do you buy them? Could some provide more detail about this part? Thank You!

  • Hi everyone,
    I am trying to work through the BOM list. Can anyone give a detailed list of “Miscellaneous bolts” that might be required? Also clay anyone provide more detail about flat cables and wire? Are all the flat cables the same width or not? What kind of wire is used? solid or stranded? The help and insight is appreciated.
    Also thank you…[Read more]

    • Hi Marcia, I started with M3 and M4 hex bolts and nuts, then when the need arose I got other ones, M2 for eyes I think. You end up with a nice collection of various lengths.
      I think the flat cable is just 14 strand with one side marked red.

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    Thank you! Appreciate the response! I am sure I will have many questions.

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    Thank you very much. I realized today that the printer bed size is 12x12x12cm, when I thought it was inches. That makes a huge difference in printer size needed. Give me a different perspective.

  • Marcia Allen posted an update 1 week, 3 days ago

    Hi everyone, after much time reading about InMoov, I finally decided to start my InMoov project. Starting to purchase parts needed, etc. I have been watching 3D printer review videos for days. I would like to know what 3D Printer selection many of you have chosen to use to print parts? Thank you for the help!