• Gael Langevin posted an update 1 month ago

    Thanks to Sebastien, our webmaster, the sidebars of the site are back up again.
    This gives again access to the members albums and to the Tweeter feed.
    Wordpress had an issue and it was not working anymore since about a month…

  • juerg posted an update 1 month ago

    My Marvin got a new sensor, a Intel Realsense D415 to take depth images. I mounted it on the head with an angle that allows to see the floor in front of the robot. Mounting it on the head also allows for a good observation point and the head has a wide movement range. Adding an IMU into the head is probably the next thing to add to get more…[Read more]

    • Hello Juerg,
      The plan is to add the Intel RealSense in MyRobotLab, but I don’t when it will happen.
      Did you mount it above the head? or instead of the eyes?
      You should be able to post pictures again, there was an issue with WordPress.

      • juerg replied 1 month ago

        Hi Gael
        I have to admit that I do not run my robot any more with MRL. It gave me too many problems with Arduino connections, it takes ages to start it up, it is overloaded with stuff I do not need. So I wrote my own servo task in python to control Marvins joints and have other python tasks to control the cart, read Kinect depth and cam images and…[Read more]

        • Thanks for the reply,
          However, could you make a test for us with the latest version of MRL( work in progress), just to check if the the depth image works out of the box with the RealSense?

          • juerg replied 1 month ago

            Tried openNi but does not show anything (but also does not provide controls to select the streaming device?). Do I need to use another service?

            • No it should be with the OpenNI service.
              Have you tried the “CAPTURE” button?
              Do you get this red error line at the bottom of the swinggui?
              “found 0 devices – Jenga software not initialized :P”

    • juerg replied 1 month ago

      When starting openNi I get “initContext found 1 devices” in the bottom line.
      Clicking on “capture” in the service page I only get “starting user worker” but no image.
      Tried all the buttons, no image is shown. Would be nice to see what device is connected.

      • Do you have other imaging devices connected or only the Intel RealSense?
        Maybe OpenNI detects another imaging source.
        We could try to add manually the drivers in C:myrobotlabmyrobotlab.1.1.173librariesnativeOpenNI2Drivers

        I did that for my Orbbec Astra, it worked partially.The depth image is working but the skeleton wouldn’t get activated…[Read more]

        • juerg replied 1 month ago

          hahh, still had my kinect plugged in. Without the kinect I get now this “Jenga software not initialized” message when starting the openNi service. I send you the pic of the mounted cam to your mail account.

          • IntelRealSense on InMoov

            Nice idea to keep the InMoov cap above the sensor.
            Okay so MRL.173 is missing the drivers for to get the RealSense working.
            I think these two files would need to be added in C:\myrobotlab\myrobotlab.1.1.173\libraries\native\OpenNI2\Drivers
            IntelRealSense driver


    • juerg replied 1 month ago

      not a problem, I can rerun a test with an updated mrl version whenever it’s ready. Will partially be on vacation over the next weeks, so maybe no immediate response. Have a good time.

    • Hi all, how are you getting on Juerg? I was just looking at the Intel offer “RealSense™ Depth Camera D435 and Tracking Camera T265 bundled together for one great price, and get started with your next project today”
      And am feeling I am going to go for it. But really thinking how can I integrate the D435 without ruining the look. I was thinking hig…[Read more]

      • Thought about the location too. I need to see the path my cart is moving on and first thought of mounting the cam on my cart. It would look nicer instead of the head location but the flexibility of the head makes is much more usable. From the picture you can see that the device is partially covered by the hat and it can be removed if needed. I…[Read more]

        • as a second thought: before you purchase the T265 make sure you understand how you can implement your odometry for the device. I read through the article and had no idea at the end of how I would have to accomplished this. My cart uses an encoder attached to one of its wheels and produces around 3 ticks per mm of robot movement.

          • Hi Juerg, Many thanks, really appreciated. I will go through more thought process. well done and many thanks for pathfinding with the Realsense. I believe that in time this will become the optimal solution over the Orbbec or the Kinnect.

  • juerg posted an update 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Would like to meet InMoov builders in South Korea, beginning Sept 27.

  • juerg posted an update 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Robot Autonomy 2 is available

  • juerg posted an update 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Check out my new InMoov video on starting to add autonomy to my robot

  • juerg posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Might be travelling to south korea in automn 2019. Would like to meet one or more builders. Any hint how to accomplish that?

  • juerg posted an update 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    I am trying to test feedback servos and wanted to use the finger tester.
    The files I have downloaded have different pulleys – where can I find an instruction page for using these?

  • Bob Houston posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    I just finished building and installing Gael’s new articulating neck design. His design is great as usual, very robust and smooth.

    • Hi!
      This is a really good looking wheelbase.
      I’m going to do something like that for Robyn.

  • I’ve added some new parts to my InMoov.

  • I have uploaded a Battery Door with the MRL logo on it to Thingiverse.

  • Uploaded a couple of plates for InMoov’s back on Thingiverse, http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1616318
    As I said in the notes , if anyone has Myrobotlabs logo in an STL. I would be happy to make a battery door with that on it to.

  • All the best of the season to everyone!!

    • Happy New Year Bob!!
      And keep posting great videos and updates!
      Your wokshop is really great and spacious and warm, better be because it looks cold outside.

  • Happy New Year Everyone!!
    Have a great time and enjoy your family, friends and robots!!

  • Hello InMoov builders!
    Here is a view of the knee actuation. This is done via MyRobotLab with the DIY Servo service.
    More to come with the Ankle and Thigh actuation.

  • Hello everyone,
    I started the tutorial for the legs assembly:

    Legs Non Motorized

    I still need to finish it but I already published it because I see some of you already have started to print them.
    Have fun building!!

    • Thank you Gael for your work. I’m waiting for the end of your tutorial to start printing.
      our Inmoov are going to be beautiful.

  • Get your printers warmed UP!! The legs I had created a long time ago for InMoov are ready to download.

    These are the version for standing, not motorized. Beware that some parts exceed the 12x12x12 standard. The reason is that I was not going to upload these parts but time to create the motorised legs is taking much longer because I barely have…[Read more]

  • juerg posted an update 1 year, 9 months ago

    My first maker faire (zurich)
    Lots of kids wanting to get Marvins attention by waving their arms. Voice commands got mostly ignored because of the noise level.
    It was great to have the random movements running all the time but after 6 hours the batteries gave up.

    • Awesome pictures! Hopefully someday maker fair will be in my neck of the woods and I’ll be able to go. I like the bottom half of your base I can’t really tell but does it go up and down and do you have any diagrams to share . I’ve been thinking similar like yours but a little different and yours might save a couple of linear actuators .…[Read more]

  • Bob Houston posted an update 2 years ago

    Flexible finger joints for InMoov

  • Mats Önnerby posted an update 2 years ago

    Just want to share a video that was created by Lakhwinder Singh when Markus, Robyn and I visited the Indian Institute of Technology in Rorkee earlier this year.

  • Hello everyone,
    I have added a docking feature for the Lenovo 8″ Tablet. This helps to prevent to damage the fragile USB port on the tablet and of the OTG cable.



  • AKASH Inmoov is awarded at ITM GOI , GWALIOR (INDIA)

    • do not give up – some additional parts to add! The stand looks like being able to support a complete InMoov. And be careful with fire – or is it not a flame?

  • Akash Inmoov

    Nothing worth having comes easy!.. By Anonymous. Watch ADHVIK 1.0. How he is observing the surroundings! Though we controlled it by our android phone. Good team work! #ADHVIK #workmode #moretogo

    Publiée par Makers LAB sur Jeudi 27 avril 2017

  • Akash Inmoov

    Nothing worth having comes easy!.. By Anonymous. Watch ADHVIK 1.0. How he is observing the surroundings! Though we controlled it by our android phone. Good team work! #ADHVIK #workmode #moretogo

    Publiée par Makers LAB sur Jeudi 27 avril 2017

  • Akash Inmoov

    Nothing worth having comes easy!.. By Anonymous. Watch ADHVIK 1.0. How he is observing the surroundings! Though we controlled it by our android phone. Good team work! #ADHVIK #workmode #moretogo

    Publiée par Makers LAB sur Jeudi 27 avril 2017

  • AKASH Inmoov (MakersLab , gwalior india (M.P) )

  • juerg posted an update 2 years, 3 months ago

    My Marvin has now a movable base like Markus has built one quite long ago. Now I need Calamity to add a few things to MRL to get rid of the joystick and have it find its targets by itself!

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