• matt posted an update 5 years, 11 months ago

    We have been building our InMoov in NH for a few months now. Decided it was finally time to post a picture. Hoping to have the whole InMoov built in the next two months.

    We have also done some work to integrate InMoov with Amazon Echo (See the video – WARNING the robot gives the middle finger…will post a better video once I get some time)

    • Cool,,, Nice finger speed (no pun intended), I was worried about the movement speed of inmove because the videos iv seen him in he is moving very slow,, this is good to know he can do rapid movements

    • Ehehe, cool.
      I wanted to buy an Amazon Echo to test the capabilities of their microphone. I wonder if it still listens correctly when all the servos are buzzing.

      • Good question. We’re almost done with torso. Once we get that finished up – I’ll test it out. I use Echo for my smart light bulbs and it works great even with a lot of background noise.

        • Thanks for your reply,
          Servo buzzing is a noise that is in range of voice intonations from what some sound engineer explained. The result can be desastrous on voice recognition system, because the system actually interprets it as somobody speaking.
          Pretty odd isn’t it !