• Mindless posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    Reply for Baily and anyone else,,,
    Just found out myself the other day – here’s a pic of the New and Old Wormgear for the Gearbox’s in the Arm – So there not backwards compatible judging by the thickness of the Bottom shaft,,, I’m not sure how many Parts have been changes,, – but that the great thing about Inmoov ,,, it’s constantly evolving,,,,,
    I Download all the parts for one complete Inmoov and put it in a Folder and Name it “ Inmoov 2015” at the end of the year I download all the parts again “Inmoov 2016” – I have a few folders with my own Version too,,, – I dare say because the legs have been released Mr Gael added any other updates he has been working on,,
    If it makes you feel better I just finished printing my 6th complete Modded Left Arm Gearbox’s Version EKM-36 the other Five version are in the bin,,, So think of Inmoov as a Never ending Project that will always need RePrinting,,,
    I will build “Inmoov 3d V2” In SketchUp for Christmas this Year with the legs and all the STL Files that are there on the 1st of December 2017– so there a Visually Instruction File for him,,, the STL Files will be Un-Modded like-” Inmoov 3d V1” so the parts are pretty well useless for printing but perfect for a Reference & Building Guild plus Colour Schemes etc,,
    Happy Hunting
    *Note- The Inmoov files that I Mod and the-“ Inmoov 3d V1” etc,, will be pulled from Thingiverse and moved to a private website next year – I’m not a Fan of Thingiverse,,,,,