• Hello, there is the new neck
    what is the servo used on that ?

    • hk15288A or the hk15289B it really doesnt matter as long as they fit and have enough torque. And you will have to remove the pcb and pot from one of the servos and do the same as in the mid stomach, make one servo the slave of the other. But make sure one turns left and the other right, so swap the wires on the slave servo regarding polarity.

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    great, what servo should i use ?

  • Anmar Mashat posted an update 8 months ago

    i have something about the nuck
    i was useing the old one
    now i see new one in the file
    and i also found this before in thingiverse
    and i print
    ArtNeck neck

    for the other part should i get it from the inmoov site ? or from thingiverse ?
    also is there tutorial for the building

  • hello,
    i want to ask how to mount a holder ? i have 22mm stand
    i print the 22mm from inmoov but i don’t know how to fit it ?

  • hello,
    for the SupportDiam22V2
    how can i install it ?

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    just sand it and it will work

  • Anmar Mashat posted a new activity comment 11 months, 2 weeks ago

    but you need to cheek every thing because i am not sure how much exactly

  • Anmar Mashat posted a new activity comment 11 months, 2 weeks ago

    i would say around 2000-3000$ and its could be more
    i used more than 10KG of PLA one is about 90$ so just the PLA from Saudi Arabia its about 900-1350$ because its more than 10KG
    for the servo i think it was around 1000$ i am not sure exactly this price was with fast shipping
    some other screw and tools you need if you don’t have it so put 1000$…[Read more]

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    Hello, nice work.
    can i have your email or phone number. i am from King Abdulaziz University and i would like to have some information from you as you have fully build it, i am about 70 – 80 % done of it

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    so i am new here in the Community but i was always in contact with kyle campbell, he helped me alot without him i won’t be apply to build it.
    so my inmoov is different in the controller i didn’t see any one doing it before here. so what i am using is VR to control it not just watching the camera, also moving and every thing with VR.
    so any one…[Read more]

  • Anmar Mashat posted an update 1 year ago

    the robot in the Surgery room 😀

  • Hello, i want to ask what is the best camera with high quality i can use it on the eye ?

  • Hello every one, i am new here and this is my first post here
    so i am welling to make my inmoov
    i got all the servo i need
    but i want to ask about
    extension spring 0.51mm diameter, 1cm length(13/64″x13/16″)
    where can i buy it and one has a site that sell exactly this for the inmoov ?

    • This is the start-up pack most people get when they start building stuff,,,, and i’m 90% sure this is what Mr Gael and everyone uses for inmoov ,,,,,you can track the individual springs down on eBay but it can take a bit of time to track down– these packs are all over…[Read more]