• Frank Parks posted an update 1 week, 2 days ago

    Maria’s Mid Stomach
    The dual-motor mid-stomach is ready to twist.

  • Got my Son to program the finger starter on a RaspberryPI. He is learning python so this was a great intro for him. We have the head and neck, printed now.

  • Got my son involved in the build now.

  • Maria has a Friend.
    The legs are finally completed!

  • Maria has Knees
    The knees were bolted to the Tibia.

  • Maria’s Tibia and Feet

    • M5-0.8 nuts were installed before the upper and lower parts of the Tibia were glued together. Since these parts are PETG, I glued the sections together with 5-minute clear epoxy.

  • Frank Parks posted an update 2 months ago

    Maria said “All I Need is a New Pair of Shoes”

    The non-motorized version of the “Feet and Ankles” are prepared for a long day of shoe shopping.

    • The “FootBoltHolder.stl” has a 10 mm hole for supporting InMoov with a one-meter long threaded rod.
      The 10 mm diameter threaded rod is held in place with M10 washers and nuts. I used a M10-1.5 coarse threaded rod.

  • Maria’s Chest
    Adding the Chest assembly accentuates InMoov’s uniqueness; InMoov is a striking work of art.
    Creations that combine innovative engineering with artistic style are rare.

    • The shoulder logo was printed in Jet Black. After 52 minutes, the Prusa i3 MK3S printer paused and prompted me to unload the black filament and load the white filament. This shoulder matches the theme of the center element with white lettering on a black background.

      • In mine, I went the other way, White background with a black logo.
        Same process, pause the print at the first layer of the logo, to look so much better than painting. 🙂

    • very nice print. what is that filament?

      • The filament is Prusa 1.75 mm PETG Jet Black and PETG White.
        I am now printing 24 hours a day with PETG. I love PETG filament with the Prusa i3 MK3S printer.

    • Thanks for the information

  • Maria’s Head Added to Torso
    The head and articulated neck were added to the PETG Torso. I like the flexibility of the new neck.
    The life like expression capability is intriguing.

  • Frank Parks posted an update 3 months ago

    Maria’s Torso
    Building the Torso with PETG was straight forward thanks to Gael’s detailed instructions.

    • It helps to add the articulating neck during the build of the Torso.

    • Did you notice the shoulder pistons are visible in the photo?
      Installing the “Pistonbase” and “PistonClavi” will make the shoulder installation easy.

  • Frank Parks posted an update 3 months ago

    Meet Maria
    Since my first InMoov has escaped, a new head and neck were printed with PETG filament using the Prusa I3 MK3S 3D printer.

    • InMoov’s new name is Maria.
      Young Maria’s face reflects her pleasant personality with naive innocence.

      The old missing InMoov head was printed with PLA. I like the new Prusa White and Jet Black PETG filaments. The prints are more uniform and stronger with very consistent color between rolls. The 0.15 mm layer height is a good balance bet…[Read more]

  • Quarantine Violation – InMoov Has Escaped.

    InMoov in disguise believes no will notice an escape from quarantine.

    The 6 volt, 12 amp-hour, battery allows InMoov to be quite mobile. The Raspberry Pi 3 and the USB WiFi allow InMoov to be autonomous. InMoov just needs to occasionally find a battery charger.

  • Expanded Finger Starter Kit
    The Finger Starter Kit keeps on growing. First, I added the head with the jaw and neck servos. Then I added the eyes with two Hercules USB cameras.

    • My InMoov is controlled by MyRobotLabs on a Raspberry Pi driving two Arduino Uno boards.

      One Uno controls the Finger and the Head.
      The second Uno detects objects with the PIR sensor. When a human enters the room, the heartbeat of InMoov’s 16-element NeoPixel Ring changes.

      On the upper right is an amplified speaker and the microphone is on the l…[Read more]

  • Finger Starter Kit

    • I really like my finger starter kit. I have had it for a while and it has become a very valuable learning tool. This setup also speeds up the the testing and debugging of servos and robotics projects. — Frank

  • Clinton mcmillion posted an update 7 months ago

    Making headway Pun intended! I have the head and jaw printed working my way down to the chest. I want to get the head operating and then the chest to be able to attach the shoulder to it. Also I have been updating the Excel BOM list with links and I will share it to those interested.

  • Hello and good evening, I’m starting the servo hack on mid stomach using the HK15338. To my surprise it has metal gears and a solid metal pin as blocker. Has someone found a nice way to remove the pin? All my ideas seem a bit destructive 🙂

    • Looks like the same layout than the Hitec 805 bb with plastic gears.
      The pin should be just pressed in. Disassemble the gear and pull out the pin with a nipper. You need some force. Or use a hammer and a bolt the other way. Before you disassemble the gears, notice their position.

  • Hi, I\’m located in Germany. I started printing one arm in July 2019. Now I\’m assembling it and print the stomach parts in parallel. A fascinating opportunity to learn new things. Thx!