• Sebastien posted an update 4 years ago

    Just to share with you the very first wheel spin of Airwin this night. I hope the small motor coming from an old electric Kids Toy will not soon burn.

    • Ehi!!!
      There is something of a Déjà Vu.
      Using a golf caddie is a very good option!
      Is it sturdy enough? I am pretty sure your motors will do the job, InMoov is a light fellow!

      • Gaël, yes it’s widely inspired from what you do 🙂 . (i first write Wildly Inspired 🙂
        Sure “light is right”
        This Golf caddie is in aluminium so it is really sturdy, don’t know how many clubs it can support but one InMoov seems ok.

    • Nice looking base. How does it work? Do you have a video of it moving around?