• Simon posted an update 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    Downloading Inmoov files
    When you click on download all files , it download all file but they are not the same version as listed under parts

    • Yes Gael has mentioned before that he needs to go through and update the zip files. For now download each file individually, as they are usually the latest ones.

    • Good to know, just wasn’t sure if anyone was aware of it thank you

  • Gael Langevin posted an update 4 weeks ago

    Hello everyone!
    Lately I haven’t been communicating a lot on our community page…
    The reason is my free time is just becoming SOOOO little that I try to keep up with the necessary.
    So please keep communicating, and if ever I can, I will try to catch up with all your great posts!!

    Best regards to all the InMoov Builders!

    • Hello Geal:
      I’m a college student from China –Shanghai Jiaotong University(SJTU), perhaps you are not familiar with it ,but it is one of the most famous university in China. And at present, we have a team working on the InMoov project .
      Firstly I want to express my gratitude for your generosity about the design, and to be honest, each of the…[Read more]

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