• Kimi posted an update 5 days, 10 hours ago

    Hi everybody,
    After having realized the inmoov few yers ago, I launch out in myself some modifications, replacement of the big too noisy and too slow servos by personal realizations, remolding of the head, to have a face in latex with expressions, and other modifications in progress such as recalculating the balance to try to make it…[Read more]

  • FrankChalabi posted an update 1 month ago


    I bought the full nervo cards for $ 76 and today I got to soldering these cards unfortunately only got half of them. Either the part for a single arduino mega board. in short, I only received part of the body.

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  • domenico posted an update 2 months, 4 weeks ago

    Se potesse camminare sarebbe fantastico

    • Nice looking Build.
      If your gonna have your robot that close to the roof, maybe a hard hat would be a good accessory for it 🙂

  • zy posted an update 4 months, 1 week ago

    I have encountered a problem. I plug two arduinos into the raspberry pi, and confusion occurs during program recognition. How to solve this?

  • zy posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    I use usb driver-free speakers on raspberry pi, which can play music normally. When testing with the following script. No sound, may not be called
    mouth = Runtime.createAndStart(\”mouth\”, \”MarySpeech\”)
    mouth.speak(u\”I am relaxed\”)

    • I ran into this problem on the Raspberry Pi 3.
      Have a look at this video near the start where I fix this problem first.

      • Thank you

        • This is the method, I succeeded

          • That is good to hear 🙂
            Fred’s head is a series of video showing the construction of a non-standard Inmoov head with a Raspberry Pi 3 mounted in the head.
            A few of the videos cover setting up the Raspberry pi and basic testing.
            Both Steve Rayner and Kyle Campbell have good videos of a standard Inmoov head and well worth watching their videos as…[Read more]

  • FrankChalabi posted an update 6 months ago

    yes, I’m finished with the printer. I have difficuklt to output the potentiometer and to input it in the element. Can you explain to me the role of the potentiometer for all the part of Inmoov. Alos, how to output it and when i put it out the servomoptor will run without it ? Because i have put out one and i have sold all the part but the…[Read more]

  • Will a RASPBERRY camera (Seeed Studio Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 2 Go Camera Module V2) do the trick for our Inmoov. If yes, how do you connect it to the ARDUINO or other? thank you so much

    • No idea yet about the RPI camera but I plan on trying it. So far I have MRL manticore and Nixie running on a RPI 4 8GB connected via USB to an Arduino Mega running MRLComm. I’ve tested servo control for head rotation and jaw so far. I have the eyes printed but still need to put them together. I ‘ve been looking for a stand for the head that sup…[Read more]

  • Today I\’m going to start printing the shoulder with PLA and ABS whatever you think of these 2 materials. I prefer PLA because I don\’t need to apply glue and I just had a 2nd printer, an ultimate monoprice which uses only 1.75mm wire

  • Bonjour TLM
    Je suis entrain de réaliser la partie pensante du robot, soit la tête complète avec les yexu et le mécanisme. Ce qui m’intrigue et ne me laisse pas poursuivre mon chemin avec mon imprimante 3D , ce sont les modifications ou les remplacement des pièces par d’autres. Ma question: Est-ce que les modifications approuvées par M. Lange…[Read more]