• Rubén Mamani Ch. posted an update 2 years, 1 month ago

    Hello friends, I am thinking of starting to build the InMoov Robot and contribute as a developer.

    I have some doubts that are the following:

    1) InMoov2 I see that it is in development, the question is InMoov2 will another 3D Models be used, especially different from InMoov?

    2) What version of MyrobotLab do you use and which Github repository InMoov or InMoov2?

    Greetings from Bolivia…!!!!

    • Inmoov2 uses that same hardware as Inmoov, it’s purly a service upgrade in MyRobotLab.
      All the info you could ever need about the MyRobotLab project can be found at
      There you can access all the documentation including how to setup and download the GitHub for the project.