• Mark Seaton posted a new activity comment 4 weeks ago

    Is he a surgeon? Why has he got gloves on?

  • Mark Seaton posted an update 1 month ago

    Most of the front and back framework is assembled. Now I will be concentrating on the arms, which I have printed, while printing the aesthetics.

  • Mark Seaton posted an update 1 month ago

    First servo tests. I have a little more work to do, but it is getting there!

  • Just a quick throw together while waiting for the camera. What size screws do you use to screw the eyes to the mounts? They seem very small but long.

  • Hi, I started this project recently and have been ordering parts as I go. I have ordered a camera for the eyes, but only 1 was available. You say it has 2 cameras, but only 1 works in windows. My question is, do you require 2 cameras for tracking or any function at this stage? or is 1 OK?
    Thankyou in advance, and thankyou for this wonderful…[Read more]

    • You only need one camera.

    • A lot depends on how powerful your computer is, some people have used two computers, one for the object/facial recognition while the other is used for object tracking and the rest of the Inmoov.
      For a beginner in the system you can get away with just the one.

  • I only discovered this project by chance in December. I saw someone post a link and I watched some videos and was hooked. At first I thought I may just make the hand as a bit of fun. But after ordering the servos and arduino boards I had a bit of a wait for them to arrive, so started printing pieces. As I didn’t have any white filament, I printed…[Read more]