• John Hughes posted an update 4 months, 4 weeks ago

    Hi I am obviously having trouble negotiating around the site. I can find printing the parts but I am having trouble finding tutorials or step by steps on building the parts. I want to get the black screws to connect the eye piece to the upper mouth. What type of screws do I need and where would there be a step by step guide to construction be?

    I am after the black screws that are seen in the photo.

    Kind Regards


    • The “Build Yours” Tab has the tutorials and ever thing else you need ,,, some of the tutorials are using older parts I’m not sure if Mr Gael has updated them because its a time consuming job –
      The Screws your looking for are in there in the “Hardware Map & BOM”— near the bottom of the “Build yours” List – –

      • Hi
        Thank you for that. All found now and its a bit clearer what I need to do. I will have links in my favorites bar to these now so I will be able to move along ok. Thanks for your patience. Kind Regards Ian

        • No worries,,,, I don’t mind helping Newbies getting started off,,,
          “Hope you enjoy the Inmoov Project”

          • Hi I just dug out my xbox kinect and thought as a side project I would start looking at setting it up. I assume I would need to start with the nervo board? and work from there. Can I purchase a pre made board? Kind Regards Ian

            • Not that I know of,,, people use all sorts of gear to get there inmove running- some just have the arm and work on movement operation – some build the whole thing but have no idea on how to run it — there’s no hard and fast rules here but you must know Software /hardware setup – solder skills Arduino setup and Basic Coding ect -,,,, if you know nothing about coding buy a Arduinos beginners kit or look at Ez Robot – ect,,, — I leant on NXT system before moving on to Arduino

            • Hello,
              To run your kinect with MyRobotLab, you need to set it in the config files.
              The Nervo Board doesn’t take control of the kinect, it’s the software MyRobotLab that will take over.
              1-Install MRL by following this tutorial:


              2-Configure the Kinect config in your InMoov/config directory


              Set to True instead of False.
              ;—————————– KINECT CONFIGURATION ——

              For more info on configuring:


              Note that it is currently very difficult to run a webcam at the same time than the kinect. I personnaly haven’t been able to do it because the USB port on the Lenovo tablet identifies both devices as the same ID device.