• John Hughes posted an update 2 years ago

    Hi What I had to do with the parts was file an area back near the lower two joining lugs on the Top Mouth part, to allow them to meet. The prints both join perfectly now, so I am not sure why I had a problem. One Lug slots over the other face part now, but looks neat from the outside. Thanks for the clarification on how they are meant to meet. I will post a picture of what I had to do later. Kind Regards Ian

    • Cool,,, File work is common–,, I’v built a lot of weird contraption over the years for farmers and you quickly realize its always easier to remove Material then it is to add Material–,,
      PS- Whats that software ?

      • Hi Yep the filing and sanding is making things alot neater. I don’t know what the software is. Gael posted it with a response to how close the parts should fit. Kind Regards Ian

        • Its Blender,,, just took a closer look at it — ,, haven’t used it in ages–,, Plus i really think i need Glasses now im getting errrr older,,,lol

      • It’s Blender – what Gael designed InMoov in:


        • Yep,,,It has a Pretty steep learning curve,, but it’s Open Soure and has it all,,,