• John Hughes posted an update 8 months ago

    Hi. Just had a frustrating day, printing the Lower back of the head to only realize the stl I downloaded a month or so ago was out of date. The one I printed was in two parts and minus joining lugs to connect to the rest of the head. What I find frustrating with the download section is that updates to the parts are occuring and the earlier versions are being removed. That creates headaches like I am striking regularly.

    I think it would be wise to either leave the earlier versions on the downloads or have a separate category for each version.

    What I find, is that it takes me weeks to get a part or two printed then someone updates it.

    If this could be looked at with this site, it would certainly solve some wasted hours and prints.

    Kind Regards


    • Hello Hugues,
      I am the only one updating the files on InMoov site, it’s a LOT of work to maintain, I can tell you that, and I do that only to please others for free…
      The parts you are talking about has been updated in 2015.
      I discovered that I forgot to update the ZIP file which contains the version LowerBackV2 file.
      A while ago I wanted to remove ALL the zip files because it is too much work for me to maintain. That is done now.
      Make sure to download from the Gallery.
      Since 2016 I keep a list of all my uploads and updates for builders to follow track.


      If you do see other things that might seem like an error, thanks for reporting.

      • Hi. I can understand the difficulty of maintaining files. I have been involved in R2D2 Hobby building and designing and providing open source files. Keeping revisions up to date is a real work in itself. I will definitely only follow the Gallery from this point. Definitely a good idea to remove the zip files.

        Great work though.

        Just out of curiosity, some things I have found I needed to adjust, to make things fit better, such as the face holder. On the one I had print, i needed to remove a far bit of the area where the Side Hear will sit, as it pushed them away from fitting. Do you have the original files to edit. Or is this using the stls in a program to make the changes? Kind Regards Ian

        • Hay Hughes,,, It would be Wise to Really Study the Inmoov Project before Stating it again,,, this the most Complicated and Expensive Project available for 3Der’s & Modders ,,,,, And Good Hands On Mechanical & Software Design Experience a Must Have Pre-Request,,,, there’s a lot of Bugs that still have to worked out so re-printing parts is Normal,,, This is not a Fidget Spinner—This Project is Really,,,, Really ,,,, Really Hard———Just Saying