• TONI AGUILAR posted an update 3 weeks, 6 days ago

    Hil. I do not know how to put my address on the builders map. I know how we could modify the power sources of the old PCs so that they work with 6V and with 7.4V. How could I put it here so that all builders could use the information? regards

    • Yes I also cannot add myself, it seems that they need to make that ability public on google’s my maps.

      • Hello,
        it’s been almost two years that the map is not working…
        Some help came to try to fix it, but it is still not resolved unfortunately.

        • Well the problem is that the owner needs to make it public so that people can pin in, right now the link only allows viewing, or whomever owns it could share it with someone that can share it with new people.