I've been printing the InMoov head, shoulders and torso for a few weeks now and this is the first time they've all been assembled. All of my family that have seen it say it looks spooky, haunting and mischievous, so it's now been named … 'Loki'.
Still waiting for servos and having a hard time finding a suitable power supply but may go with what some other have done and get a 12V supply and use a 12V to 6V high amp DC to DC converter.
For now I'm looking to just focus on the head so have also designed some front/back stands that use the 'Kinect' torso tabs to give it some stability on a table.
Note: The neck side servo holders I know are not located correctly but while I wait for them I've put them on the inside so I can lay the torso flat (well almost) without damaging the servo holders.