• Volker posted an update 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hi all,
    I’ve just started the Project few days ago and I’m currently printing like I want to win a championship.
    In parallel I’m also studying the updates and I have 2 Questions:
    1.) I like to use 2 Arduino mega 2560 as the “brain” of the system. Is there place enough on the backside of the Torso and are there .stl-files available for the correct supports (bigger than uno) ?

    2.) I’m interested to se the flex adaptors/connections (TPU) for the fingers, but the .stl files are not prepared to use the wires for the sensor tips. Is there any solution available ?
    Furthermore there was one comment, that the servo wouldn’t be strong enough to move the new design, because the torque isn’t sufficient. I use HOBBYKING CORELESS DIGITAL-HV / MG / BB SERVO 20KG / 0.16SEC / 66G What is your opinion ?
    Many special questions at the beginning, but as you can see, I try to be prepared.

    Thank you for your comments,